Majesty Revolver* RELEASE Oct 28, 2012

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Majesty Revolver* RELEASE Oct 28, 2012

Post  eJay on Sat Oct 27, 2012 6:56 pm

Most powerful revolver in EvolutionRO. Indestructible (except in upgrade attempts).
Increase desperado damage by 30%
[if equipped Alucard sunglasses+Alucard Hat]
additional desperado damage by 25%
Class : Revolver
Attack : 210
Weight : 40
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : 10
Applicable Job : Gunslinger^000000

2x Evil Mind
2x Butcher [0]
1x Jungle Carbine
300x Metal Fragment
300x Steel
10,000 Zeny

Map Coordinate see picture below
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